Electronic Lockboxes and Your Property

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lockboxWhy We Use an Electronic Lockbox on EVERY LISTING-

  • They are the only type of basic security measure that we can provide when listing your home.  Only Agents in good standing with the Board of Realtors possess an electronic key pad that will open the box.  If something goes wrong with an Agent or they are no longer in good standing- their key pad can be turned off.
  • Electronic lockboxes can be assigned to your property which means that every time the lockbox is opened- the holder of the keypad is identified by name, brokerage and license number along with the date and time the box was opened.
  • Electronic lockboxes can be set for Timed Access which means we can set them to be inaccessible after 9:00 pm and overnight so that there are no accidental showings at night.

This is the safest way to show your home.  Anyone can impersonate a Real Estate Agent.  They can even get cards made.  We urge you to demand that your Real Estate Agent provide an electronic lockbox and then make Real Estate Agents that bring Buyers to look OPEN IT- even if you are home and require “appointment only” showings.

The only reasons that a Real Estate Agent would not provide one is that  1) The Agent doesn’t want to spend the money on them or 2) They do not work primarily in your market area so they are not easy to obtain- which also just boils down to money.


Are you considering a real estate move in the Temecula Valley?  We’re here to help!  Call us at 951-522-0518 or drop us a line at april@teamgreer.com




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