Why Do I Need a Realtor?

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It’s unfortunate that Buyers still try to go it alone on their home buying journey. They don’t realize that at some point a relationship is going to be made with an agent and in some cases it will be completely unintentional. Here are some quick facts to help:

     As your agent, we will be your agent and work 100% in your corner throughout the entire transaction. You need what we have to offer…access to every home you want to see, information to make an educated offer and quality follow through from the professional packaging of your offer to guiding you through the inspection and escrow process to the final delivery of keys on a successful closing.
     You don’t pay us, the Seller does. We work completely for free until the transaction closes and then we collect a portion of the Seller’s proceeds as our fee. This fee is pre-determined and set by the Seller when the home comes on the market and is not a part of negotiations between Buyer and Seller.
     You need to choose us before another agent chooses you. If you are not represented…the agent you randomly call to have a house opened for you or if you walk into the open house of your dreams…you just picked the agent that happens to be there for better or worse.

Would you like to interview us for your home buying journey?  We are happy to sit down with you and go through how and what we will do for you while you are making perhaps the largest purchase of your lifetime.

Contact us anyway that you feel comfortable.  Phone or text at 951-522-0518 or 951-522-6308.  Email at april@teamgreer.com or gary@teamgreer.com  Twitter at AprilSells


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