Household Movers Act California

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To protect consumers, the Household Movers Act requires that those who transport household goods over California’s public roads for compensation be licensed by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services (Bureau).

Doing business with an unlicensed mover can lead to substantial financial consumer harm. This can range from delayed delivery, missing or damaged items, and in the most serious cases, belongings that are held until the consumer agrees to pay more money. In some instances, consumers pay double or triple the initial agreed upon price only to never again see their belongings. Many of these movers deliver the household goods after the Bureau intervenes, however, the consumer must pursue civil remedies to recover any extra money paid to the mover.

It’s also important to be aware that any person or business that provides moving services for compensation , even if they present themselves as operating a different type of business, must be licensed. This includes restoration companies and storage delivery companies.

For more information about who must be licensed, please see the Bureau’s publication “Moving Household Goods Who Is Required to Hold A Permit?” risk. To ensure that any mover is properly licensed, use the Bureau’s license lookup. If you have any questions about the permitting requirements related to movers or how to protect yourself from unscrupulous household movers, visit the Bureau of Household Goods and Services website or call (916) 999-2041.

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